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Did I make it 250 portraits in the month of November?

Well... No… not a huge surprise there as it was quite a lofty goal BUT I did make it to about 125 so over halfway. Not going to lie, I am surprised by how helpful this exercise was to my creativity. There’s something about just deciding to create a crap ton of work which helps get the creative juices flowing. I’ve found myself painting more and more in November than I had all year. I found I had more time to draw than I realized; I could draw while watching tv with my kiddos instead of doom scrolling. I could draw while they ate breakfast. I could draw while they played outside. Drawing has once again become a large part of my life. I also managed to finish a portrait I've been working on for over six months so that felt really good (check it out above). I think we all go through seasons of greater and lesser creative output. I hope that this is a jump start to a season of greater output for me.

(Here are some of my favorite quick portraits I completed this November)

The year 2023 was not a great creative year for me, I needed to focus on other things in my life, and I truly believe it would’ve been wrong of me if I had taken more time for art/creativity. I still drew and painted, but not to the same extent as I have in the past. I am thankful for this past year, and I am looking forward to the upcoming year when hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy painting more and more.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the Monet Challenges and start my Advent drawing/painting season. Hopefully, I’ll have an update on Friday with some Christmas/Holiday themed art.

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