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Art that Puts Your Heart  on Your Walls 


Rebeccah McCauley

I was thrilled by how exquisite Noelle’s paintings were when I first hung them on my wall, and after years of contemplating and enjoying them, I am convinced that the best way to enjoy and understand art is not in a museum, but in the regular rhythm of your home. Noelle’s bold use of paint, texture, and heart has transformed our living room into a meditative space. The inner emotions and complex connections of family are so carefully and beautifully articulated in these masterpieces. Noelle’s portraits don’t just capture the form of humans, but first and foremost channel the souls of humans.


Terry Pruitt

I asked Noelle to bring to reality a concept that I had.  She went far beyond my expectations in her mixed media canvas.  I have worked with other artists who depicted what I said.  Those artists met my requirements.  Rather than have my requirements managed and met, I found it joy to collaborate with Noelle.   She saw the concept, embraced the vision for herself and produced a work which resonates with the heart as well as the head.  Her hands brought to life the idea.  Again, it was a joy to work with her.

Emma Gearhold

I wanted a painting for my new house, and liked the idea of a landscape with a personalized touch. Noelle listened to my idea and even though she has never met my dog, she somehow captured her personality perfectly from the reference photo. It was so fun getting updates from Noelle and waiting for the reveal of the final product! Hanging Noelle’s painting in my living room has been a big step in making my new house feel like home


Kennon Bauman

When our daughter was born, we wanted something special and uniquely hers to hang in her new room. We approached Noelle with only the vaguest idea of what we wanted, but took a chance that she'd come up with something perfect despite our lack of clear specifications. We were *absolutely right.* Noelle created a gorgeous, soothing nature scene for our baby girl, which we now hang proudly over her dresser. The soothing colors combined with high contrast images are perfect for a growing baby, and beautiful for her parents to look at, as well. In short, Noelle is an immensely talented artist, and a dream to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tameka Bauman

When my husband lost his beloved Boston Terrier "Vader," a faithful companion for 15 years, he was heartbroken. I knew Noelle was an artist, and one day when we were chatting we came up with an idea to create a joyful memento -- a portrait of Vader (the dog) combined with popular images of Darth Vader (from Star Wars). It. was. perfect! He shed more than a few tears when he first saw it. but smiled at the captured memory of his cock-eyed buddy. Now, it hangs proudly in our family office, right next to the computer. It's bittersweet, but perfectly reflects the love in my husband's heart for his one-time best friend. I couldn't have asked for better.  


Interested in purchasing or commissioning an artwork by Noelle McManus? 

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