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I am a drawing dreamer, paintbrush pusher, nomadic creative.

Hi! I'm Noelle, an expressive portrait artist

From an early age, art has given me a voice. It was through drawing, I was able to process the world around me as a child. Both my parents planted the seeds of loving art. They took my sisters and me to museums around the world and kept up a constant rotation of books not only about art but various other subjects as well. These books inspired me and drove me to create. As a teenager, my grandfather taught me to draw in a more structured manner. Starting at the age of fifteen, I began attending Anne Arundel Community College, where I studied Art with a concentration in drawing. From there, I would go on to do a painting internship with the expressive figure artist DaNeal Eberly. It was she that taught me the devotional act of painting the human form and the constant practice necessary to be a figure and portrait artist. I met my husband while I was studying Art History at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He, a US Marine, changed my life. Now I am a nomad alongside him. We have traveled the United States together and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our hearts are spread out with family on both the west coast and the east. I paint what I know: love, loss, heartache, and joy. I am Noelle McManus. I am a drawing dreamer, paintbrush pusher, nomadic creative. I am an Artist.


And Creatives

I am the Creative Director at the Coffee and Creatives Project! We're a group of four friends striving to grow ourselves and our creativity. We are  a community of artists, working to cultivate our creative endeavours and share that art with the world, all while savoring as much espresso as we can in the process.

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