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Welcome to Glimpses of Grace

These pieces are all about finding moments of joy during difficult times. 

Throughout 2020 and 2021, life has been difficult. Every person I know has had a challenging two years. My collection is about finding moments of peace and joy when life is full of loneliness, grief, and anger. For example: cuddling on the couch drinking coffee after a sleepless night. A glimpse of grace during a season of difficulty. This collection is not about dismissive positivity. It’s about acknowledging the dark times, and finding moments of light (even if they’re really small).

Print Bundle: Here Comes the Sun and You are My Sunshine

Two of my favorite drawings from the collection are You Are My Sunshine and Here Comes the Sun. This print bundle comes specially packaged and would be a perfect gift  to treat a loved one or yourself! These prints are 8x8 and are on archival matte paper. After purchasing this artwork, you can expect your artwork to be beautifully and carefully packaged. It’ll arrive  in 7-10 business days. Shipping is included in the Continental United States.


Joyful Sleep 

This peice is of my daughter sleeping. I loved the way her hand curled as she slept. For this peice, I used a variety of mediums. I love prussian blue, it resonates calm and peace (something I longed for more and more during the last two years). On top of the acrylic paint, I drew with a variety of markers. 

Texas Girl 

For this peice, I used my one of my favorite colors for the underpainting (Prussian Blue again!). I used a variety of black markers for the drawing on top of the painting. I was inspired by the big Texas skies and the people that live there. My family and I moved last October during the middle of lockdown. Although this time was difficult, one of the glimpses of grace I saw during this time was the joy this Texas girl found climbing the trees at my new home. 


Good Good Life 

My sister gave birth to two beautiful babies in early in 2021. Although I haven't been able to visit in person, our video chats, texts, and phone calls have made life sweet. The distance is bitter, there's a sweetness those beautiful girls and being able to watch them grow. 

The Universe is in Her Hair

This is piece was inspired by Gustav Klimt and the design elements to his work. I love his portraits, and throughout 2021 I began study his work. I was lonely and tired and lonely. Klimt was a friend when I hadn't made many in my new city. 


Here Comes the Sun 

When we first moved into our new home, I didn't really know anyone. I started the same routines that I had built with my daughter at our apartment. We took a daily morning walk in Maryland, and started that tradition in Texas. We explored new walking trails together while her dad was at work. One of our favorites has sculptures along the walkway, and she sat on everyone delighting in the beauty of the mosaic which adorned the seat. These walks were moments of joy during a difficult time. 

Waiting For Pawpaw 

My daughter loves my dad. She and her cousin dubbed him Pawpaw (after years and years of him being Grandpa). While my husband travel ahead of us, my daughter and I stayed with my parents. I remember sitting on the couch, looking out the baywindow, with my daughter waiting for Pawpaw to come home. Even though it was a really difficult time, watching how excited she was to see him everyday made me smile. 


You Are My Sunshine

This drawing is of my daughter drinking a cup of tea. Every morning, I drink a cup of coffee. My daughter always asks to drink my coffee, so I would make her a cup of tea. During the gloomy Texas (and can I say unexpectedly snow filled!) winter. Sharing a warm beverage with her was one of the highlights of my January. 

Plane Watching with Dada

 I was looking at all of artworks I had done for Glimpses of Grace; I felt like something was missing... that there were still work that need to be crafted. This painting still needed to be painted. It depicts my daughter and my husband in a hotel looking over the San Antonio Airport. Moving in 2020 was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. Not being able to hug my loved ones goodbye, being seperate from my spouse so he could quarantine in Texas, and being unable to attend my great grandmother's funeral were difficulties that I honestly didn't handle as well. The sight of my husband and daughter watching planes together, the morning after we were reunited was a glimpse of grace. 


The Marine at Gettysburg

Right before we moved from the East Coast to Texas, my husband and I took a trip to Gettysburg. Just the two of us. It was so nice. Throughout all the stress of moving and COVID and politics, this weekend away was definitely a glimpse of grace. 

Snuggled Safely

This piece is a combination of acrylic paint and black markers. I crafted this painting during a strict quarantine while in a 2 bedroom apartment with my daughter and husband. This was before we had created a pod, or any vaccines had been created. I missed seeing people, I missed seeing other people''s faces, and I missed huggling my friends and family. During this time, I enjoyed the company of my cat (Gordon) more and more. Snuggling with him brought comfort during a lonely time. 


Blue Eyed Baby Girl

This piece is one of artwork I completed for Glimpses of Grace. It was completed the week of the shut down in Maryland. I remember numbing myself while drawing, listening Simon and Garfunkle. I remember trying to find beauty, and I was struck by my daughter's blue eyes. A moment of thankfulness in time when I really struggled with discouragement. 

Quarantine Praise 

I started working on this artwork back in 2020, the third Sunday of lockdown. My husband, daughter, and I were trapped in our shrinking 2 bedroom apartment. It depicts a moment when my almost one year old daughter began dancing. My husband's home church, located on the opposite side of the United States, live streamed their church service. We were able to tune in, and my daughter began to dance to the praise music that my husband grew up on. It was such a sweet moment, during such a difficult time. This piece was one of the first created for Glimpses of Grace.

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