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10 Things That Converted My Shed Into a Creative Space

Having a dedicated work space to my creativity isn't always something that I've allowed for myself. While working through Julia Cameron's The Artist Way, I began to realize how having my own space would help me create freely. Eliminating the resistance of getting my paints out and putting them away, helped me double my painting time. There are other things that have helped me convert what used to be Art's Shop shed into an Artist Shed/Studio.

1. A Heater- My brother-in-Law gifted me a space heater for Christmas. It has helped so much! Although Texas is known for its heat, the winter get cold... surprisingly cold. I was shocked by the -1 degree morning we got this January. This has really helped me as I often work at night when the temperature drops.

2. An AC Unit- It was 100 degrees at 8 PM last night. If I didn't have any AC in my shed, I couldn't work in there for an extended period of time, especially while pregnant! Thankfully, I've got a AC Unit that works well in my Art Shed that help keeps me cool.

3.A Bluetooth Speaker- Whether I want to listen to a podcast, an audiobook, or music I can do so without being distracted by the poor sound quality.

4. A Rug- When I'm standing working on a project, the rug helps my feet be comfortable. Also it helps the space feel cozy and welcoming and less like a storage shed.

5. A Wifi Extender- The wifi extender increases the range of the wifi to reach the art shed. This really helps me teach and take classes away from the distractions of my house.

6. A Phone Stand- The stand helps me set up my phone so I can easily access reference photos, video chat with students or other artists, and record myself when necessary.

7. An Easel and a Table- Sometimes I like to paint with the artwork sitting up, but it's also nice to have the option for the artwork to be laying flat too! Often times when I get stuck on a piece switching work stations can help break through whatever is clogging the creative pipe line.

8.Art History Books- I keep a stack of art history books in the art shed. When I'm feeling stuck, I look back at the artists that I admire and see how they handled creative problem, how they dealt with negative space, how they dealt with rendering difficult ideas or forms.

9. Reference Photos- In Twyla Tharp's Book The Creative Habit, she talks about having a box in which to store your creative reference materials. I keep mine the Art Shed, easily accessible. Sometimes going in without a plan is healthy creatively, but often (for me) it's necessary to have a jumping off point prepared. I know that this jumping off point are the reference photos in that box.

10. A Board- On this board, I hang goals, mantras, and a calendar. What am I suppose to be working today? Look at the calendar. What are my goals for this month? Read the goals sheet. Feeling discouraged? Read the creative mantras. It really helps me stay on task and have some order.

What are some things that help you in your Creative Space? I'd love to hear from you!

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