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Creativity Is A Spark

Creativity is a spark.

Sparks are exciting. A spark is the start of a bonfire, a lit candle, a firework, a fire in a fireplace. These things can bathe an area in light and warmth and pleasant smells. It can begin something that fills a person with comfort. However, sparks can also be the start of wildfires. They can blossom into something so dangerous that hundreds of people will have to work around the clock to get it under control. Sparks can become flames which burn the holder, and the people closest to the holder.

To me, creativity is like a spark. It can be the start of something beautiful and life giving and comforting… or it can be something that consumes everything all around it and burns me and my loved ones.

Creativity can be a dangerous thing but it can also be a beautiful thing, a life giving thing. Just like fire. Without fire, our ancestors would’ve died of cold, fire cooked their food and warmed their bodies. Fire gave them the ability to work after the sunset. The ancient Greeks understood the importance of fire, they have a legend about it. It centered around a titan named Prometheus who defied the gods by giving humans fire.

For me creativity is the same. It’s life giving. When I am creative, it helps me be a better spouse, parent, God-Lover, and person. It brings me life, yet I’ve also been burned by it and I know that’s burnt my loved ones too. My painting and drawing can become the center of my self worth. An all consuming thing which I must make sacrifices too. I must sacrifice rest, peace, sleep,workouts, time with friends, good eating habits, and so much when my creativity is at the center of life. It becomes a place where I sacrifice everything else in my life for artistic success. When the fire of creativity gets out of control, tt can never be satisfied. If I feed my creativity everything I have, it will burn it all and still not be satisfied.

Creativity is a spark, a spark which can be used for good or for bad. I can use this spark to start a fire that will bring rest and peace and warmth… or I can use my creativity to destroy and consume the things around me.

Like so many things, creativity can be used for good or for bad. It is a tool, how will I use it? Will I use to pour love out onto others and to show love to myself? Or will I use it to destroy? If I’m honest, it’s both. Sometimes my creativity gives life to me and my family, and sometimes it steals it. Balancing creativity along with everything else is a trick I have yet to master.

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